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From New York to Sydney, Anderson, Hughes to Ogilvy, Creative lead to Country lead...

‚ÄčTo talk advertising, alpinism, or how teams can achieve new heights. 

Antartica to Everest, Iceland to Greenland, Kilimanjaro to the North Pole, Mt Blanc to a few airy cliffs.

Telling a great story to motivate teams, leading expeditions to the top of Everest, making pinpoint landings.  It is all about great work and creating great experiences, with perfect execution. Read the latest from the 7 summits on Explore7summits
Join me on a climb of Everest, or the trek to Base Camp in spring 2021, or the 7 Summits, the 7 Volcanos or the remote areas of the Arctic or Antarctic. To climb, ski or paraglide.